Gerard Black is a proud Worimi Man. After a 10 year career as a tattoo artist Gerard is now focusing on his painting , drawing and digital art. His work reflects his Indigenous background, storytelling and his love of nature and draws on his strong design background from tattooing to produce a unique style of art. This together connects ancient Indigenous art with modern design and medium, bringing them together into the future, creating a new modern style promoting reconciliation and connection. 

Gerard’s work establishes a link between landscapes, reality and the spirit within, as Gerard often uses actual topographic maps as the basis for his artwork. He uses the physical colours, shapes and landmarks as a jumping off point. He then uses ancient designs and patterns to symbolise the different aspects of his art, tapping into his indigenous heritage with designs, shapes, colours and themes. 

Every single work of art that Gerard produces has a story connecting the art to a specific place, area or theme, every stroke has meaning, nothing is random. Gerard has won awards for his highly detailed and meaningful tattoos, and this award-winning skill has now translated into the incredibly intricate art he does today. Gerard spent the last 10 years as a tattoo artist specialising in sacred design and geometry, he has studied multiple ancient cultures and their art and meaning including ancient Moroccan body art from the Berber tribes, Polynesian and NZ Maori traditional practices through to Bourneo, Cambodia and his own native Australian Aboriginal art and design. This means he has a wealth of inspiration and knowledge to draw upon when he is producing his one-of-a-kind pieces.