Yearning for a way to show respect for your environment? Wanting a beautiful reminder of the Country you live on? Or simply desiring an artwork that speaks to you? Baiyami Art creates unique, personally commissioned artworks on canvas.

With sizing completely customisable, I can work with you to create a piece that fits perfectly in your space.

The Process

Any commission begins with two questions:

‘Is there one or two colours that you would like me to work with’; and 

‘Is there a place that the piece will connect you to?’

The answer to the first question often reflects where the piece is destined to live - for example, colours that will match your home or the room the work will be displayed.  The second question may be the place where you live, or somewhere of deep meaning to you, or the recipient of the painting. Past examples include places where clients were married, the Country they grew up on, or the place where their grandparents lived.

Once these questions have been answered, I get to work learning about the place the piece will reflect. I am passionate about thoroughly researching the Country, mob, culture, stories and language, and I then weave this knowledge into an artwork that brings a deep spirit of reverence and respect.

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