Paintings, Prints and Digital Art that capture the essence of Australian First Nations Country and Culture.

Baiyami Art connects Culture and Country through contemporary Aboriginal artwork.  Viewing the world from the perspective of Baiyami, the Sky Father, Baiyami Art’s original pieces and prints express Place and Story in a way that speaks to your inner spirit.

About the Artist

Welcome! I am Gerard Black and I combine my depth of knowledge and skills as a tattoo artist with a deep respect of Country to create unique, culturally connected works of art as Baiyami Art.

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Through Baiyami's Eyes

Baiyami (Great Spirit), In Worimi Dreaming this Ancestral Being, created their world.

In the beginning Baiyami stepped down from the sky and created the land, formed the mountains and valleys, filled rivers with water, and created all living things. Everything Baiyami created had a purpose, plants of all shapes and sizes were placed on the land, he also placed men and women on the special places he had created and made the first laws that governed the way Aboriginal people lived, that remained unchanged through thousands of years of Aboriginal life.

Baiyami stayed and made sure all living things he created lived together in harmony. When he was satisfied he stepped back into the sky from which he came, where he remains now watching over his people and the wonderful place he created.