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Yawutung wakulda barrayga

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Oak Frame

Artwork Tittle

Yawutung Wakulda Barrayga
Journey of Connection

My name is Gerard Black I am a proud Worimi man from the North Coast of Nsw and
I was brought up on Wadawurrung country in Torquay.

I would like to welcome you to my artwork ‘A journey of Connection’. This work was created to enable everyone to enjoy a safe place, where one can immerse themselves in the energy of my ancestors.
A place where you can find inspiration to connect to the stars, sky, land, country, both salt and freshwater and take that moment of connection with you where ever you may go.
Please look into my artwork, close you eye’s and feel the energy.
What is calling you? Was it the land? Was it the Sea? Was it the wind or the stars?

Please accept the energy of my culture and my channeling of my ancestors through my artwork’
Take this on your own journey of connection with an open heart,
And see this beautiful country with your spirit.

Gerard Black
Baiyami Art