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Salty One X Gerard Black Baiyami Art ‘Finding Your Way’ Collab

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Salty One artwork description:

Finding Your Way represents the journeys we are all on and that we often need time and space to find our purpose and a sense of direction. The solo image of the surfer walking on the beach, searching for a lost wave, a lost friend, an unknown loss of self. Wandering amongst the beauty of the sand art and in essence longing for identity. The shadow blanketing the surfers silhouette accentuates the message behind this piece.
This piece was created on Wadawurrung Country at Bells Beach in Victoria.

Gerard Black Baiyami Art artwork description

Growing up with this beautiful location of Bells Beach on Wadawurrung country in my backyard I have really channelled the journeys I have experienced and seen standing in the sand and sitting in the water at this stunning place. I also wanted to pass my respects to the ancient stories that Bells Beach holds, each part of the painting I have done shares a connection, journey and story. I will start with the surfer on the path behind and the artwork in the water, I really wanted to emphasise the story behind Lowell’s Sand artwork and story. As a surfer who has stood in this very spot getting ready to paddle out at Bells I understand that often catching waves is secondary, and I am truly on journey of inner peace and connection, feeling the ocean's energy or just looking back at the sunset or sunrise hitting the beautiful cliffs, feeling the sand between my toes and just experiencing real moments and being present in them, bringing perspective to life.

The painting I have done on the land is paying my respects to the traditional landowner’s and their ancestors and stories, but also represents the new stories that are being created. An example is the Australian Indigenous Surfing titles which sees First Nations Men and Women journey from all across Australia, coming to Bells to share their culture and spirit. It is the equivalent of a modern day corroboree, this you can see in the surfboard design I painted which was already there, I just followed the natural shape of the land and have brought it out for you to see.

As I mentioned being my home surf break, I have watched hundreds of sunrises and sunsets fall upon and over these magical cliffs and this why I painted the sun up against them. With every sunrise there was a new journey awaiting and with every sunset there was resolve but also the opportunity of what tomorrow’s journey may bring.

I truly wanted to share my connection and journey but also share the energy and journeys that this special place has witnessed for thousands of years 'til this very day.

Product information:

This collaboration is limited to 50 limited edition prints in the series. All float framed canvas prints will receive a Tasmanian Oak float frame also known as a tray frame, these frames allow the artwork to be inserted from the front, which means there is no glazing. Your artwork sits slightly recessed below the front of the frame. The float frame adds around 15mm to each face or 30mm overall so the final sizes 183cm x 103cm , 153cm x 88cm, 123cm x 70cm and 93cm x 53cm.

Unframed Hahnemuhle Daguerre 310gsm German Etching (Cotton Rag textured photo paper) and 400gsm Canvas prints are also available for purchase. These are available in the following sizes and will be sent in a shipping tube, carefully rolled and wrapped to protect against damage.

Prints are available in the following sizes 90 cm x 50 cm, 120 cm x 67 cm, 150 cm x 85 cm, and 180 cm x 100 cm.

Custom sizes are available upon request.

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