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Salty One X Gerard Black Baiyami Art - Limited Edition Collaboration

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The base artwork image is of Salty One’s original sand artwork. 'Sunsets Lovers' represents the story of our precious memories taking in those beautiful Sunsets. With family, friends or simply by yourself, there's certainly something special about sunset gazing. Every Sunset is different and never the same. On a deeper level watching the sun go down for me has been a meditative process that for those few minutes you’re captivated by the raw and natural beauty and the incredible colors of Country which draw you in.

This sand artwork was created on the beautiful Boonwurrung Coastline of Rye(Beach Sixteen).

Gerard then hand-painted his designs over the top in a process that took over 40 hours to complete. In Gerard’s work he chose to tell this story.

The story you see painted is already in the land it is a part of the spirit and energy of our ancestors and creator spirits, I separate myself and my mind and open it to receive this energy. I remember my Uncle telling me that our energy and the energy of our ancestors and creator spirits are still here and all around us, they are imparted into the trees, rocks, water sand and soil and flow through the wind we breathe and if you truly look and listen you can see and hear them and feel their touch and guidance in the wind and water, as I looked into Lowey’s image there he was in all his brilliance Bunjil showing his spirit, flying across the sea and onto the land, his wings stretched out across the sand his head in the rock and tail feathers in the sea, such a special gift and I am just here to bring Bunjil’s Spirit onto the canvas, being a saltwater man the realm where Lowell creates his beautiful artworks in the sand resonates with me and I can feel the energy of the saltwater spirits.

Product information:

This collaboration is limited to 50 limited edition prints. Each print will be numbered and signed by both artists and each artwork will have a certificate of authenticity and an artwork description card. Prints will be available in 2 options:

Float Framed Canvas

All prints will receive a Tasmanian Oak float frame also known as a tray frame, these frames allow the artwork to be inserted from the front, which means there is no glazing. Your artwork sits slightly recessed below the front of the frame. The float frame adds around 15mm to each face or 30mm overall so the final sizes 183cm x 103cm, 153cm x 88cm , 123cm x 70cm, 93cm x 53cm.

Tubed Canvas

Prints are available in the following sizes 90 cm x 50 cm, 120 cm x 67 cm, 150 cm x 85 cm, and 180 cm x 100 cm. Each Fine Art Giclée Print on 450gsm Ilford Matte Canvas comes with an extra 70mm of material for stretching and is delicately rolled into a tube.